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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pictures of the Cr-48

MBegin in the forum writes:

I ran home for lunch today and was VERY pleasantly surprised to find a Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook at my doorstep!! -Thanks Google!

I took a few quick pics and I’ll post more about my experiences later...

Feel free to bug MBegin with questions in this post’s comments, just in case he finds time to get around answering them!

I read that 60,000 of these were manufactured, guess there’s more out there if you applied... provided you live in the US (Google doesn’t want to ship to other countries, they told me).

Notice how the keyboard of this cloudbook replaced the Caps lock key with a Search key in above pictures? I’m happy to see the annoying Caps key go, though I wonder how Google wants to ensure we don’t accidentally hit the Search button now all the time.

[Thanks MBegin!]


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