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Need help to recover hacked / disabled Gmail a/c

Aditya Khanna [PersonRank 1]

Sunday, December 23, 2007
13 years ago2,786 views

Hi All

Just thought that I will share my story with you and ask for some help.

1. Someone gets access to my gmail account.
I have good firewalls & AV on my PC and strong passwords so this is surprising.
Day 0

2. person emails my contacts saying he got access while trying to create a new account. He offers to return my account.
Day 0

3. Being suspicious, i write to google asking them to help get back access to my a/c and also email the "hacker" to send me the password to a new temp a/c
Day 1

4. Surprisingly the person actually returns my a/c
Day 2

5. I change my password, add secondary a/c and send for verification, start emailing & chatting again
Day 2/3

6. Google disables account (before i can verify secondary a/c)
Day 4/5

7. I write to google explaining the situation and providing a lot of the information requested. [#224628812]
Day 5

8. No response so I write to google again.
Day 7

9. No response so I write to google again :(
Day 11

Can anyone advise me of a person who I can get in touch with ... email or phone number. I need to get access to my a/c since I am a user of orkut, gmail and gtalk extensively and I need to get back in touch with some people urgently.

Help requested!!!

Colin Colehour [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Try reading this Google Group post: ...

Aditya Khanna [PersonRank 1]

13 years ago #

Thanks. Guess I will need to wait a little while longer :(

Aditya Khanna [PersonRank 1]

13 years ago #

9 days and no response from google despite replying to their email will as complete information as I had.

Kind of surprising that such a dynamic organization is sooooo slow in customer support.

Frank Bloggs [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

Hi calm down it is the holiday season now.

My advice make a new account

and start using that.

At least it keep you going


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