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merging two wordpress blog into one

ReviewSaurus [PersonRank 1]

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
16 years ago2,514 views

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was trying to merge two wordpress blogs (self hosted) into
one domain and now I've got few question regarding the 301 redirect.
In order to ensure that all of you get a clear picture here's what I
did :

I deleted all the categories in tipsosaurus and left the default one
(blogging-tips) the url structure of tipsosaurus is : /categories/

so if the url was

then it became

then I imported all the posts in reviewsaurus and in that too the url
structure is : /categories/postname/

so all the posts became

then I applied 301 redirect on the domain level at tipsosaurus, like
this : redirect 301 /

So, I'm wondering that will there be any problem as far as google's
index is concerned because in google's index the URL is still

So, now what happens is that when someone goes to, first it goes
to and then it
goes to

so, is it an issue or you think that redirect 301 /
takes care of the issue ?

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