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Microsoft Advertising Bing Through Google AdSense  (View post)

CJ Millisock [PersonRank 10]

Monday, June 8, 2009
14 years ago5,018 views

This is sooooo not newsworthy. EVERYBODY uses AdSense. You absolutely have to.

Dan Jarratt [PersonRank 0]

14 years ago #


Agreed: Google has the dominant text-based ad engine and Microsoft is wise to utilize it. Yet I find Microsoft's endorsement of a competitor's product newsworthy because Bing is specifically designed to unseat Google's prevalence. It's like Ford paying Honda $40 million to stick shiny blue ovals in every Accord: if not counterproductive, at least a waste of money. Furthermore, Honda has the money to then invest elsewhere.

Instead, the Softies could have found where Google's weak spots are (elderly folks? China? fifty-somethings who watch late night television?) and advertise there, using methods that make sense in that market. Even newspapers would have been better, where businesspeople read and fly – purchasing airline tickets is one of Bing's strengths – and are already comfortable with Windows and Office pervasiveness.

Mark Draughn [PersonRank 5]

14 years ago #

MS would probably get a lot of leverage out of the ads if they focus them in areas where Bing's result set is superior. You do a search, see nothing of interest in the natural links so you check the sponsored stuff, click the Bing ad for kicks and---Hey, this Bing site did pretty good! I'll have to remember it...

Reverse Cowgirl [PersonRank 0]

14 years ago #

The evangalists always preach among the non-believers. So I don't see what is wrong with MS using adSense.

matt vad [PersonRank 0]

14 years ago #

See another story of IE 8 going in to the google network

drtimofey [PersonRank 10]

14 years ago #

Here's a great ad idea for Bing;)

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