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Monday, June 8, 2009

Microsoft Advertising Bing Through Google AdSense

Daniel Jarratt sent in the following:

I saw Microsoft ads online today as part of their hundred-million-dollar advertising campaign for Bing. What I couldn’t understand is why MS took out ads on Google AdSense. Sure, it’s the best way to distribute ads Internet-wide, but that’s a huge amount of money to send to one’s arch-competitor. I navigated over to your site to email you, and saw the same ad on [screenshot]. See attached images. Advertising on hulu and other popular sites makes sense, but they must think they’re going to get a huge return on investment from AdSense to use with a competitor’s product. That also says a lot about Microsoft’s respect for Google’s AdSense efficiency. (...)

P.S. My wife thinks Microsoft is going for irony

[Thanks Daniel!]


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