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Blogger: Label Cloud [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
10 years ago2,220 views

<<In april we announced that we wanted to hear from you about your wish list for features in Blogger. Many of you said that the label gadget should be more flexible. Today we are rolling out two enhancements to the label gadget.>>

Software Engineer Wiktor Gworek also posted a blog earlier today.

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Blogger tweeted about this "Yes, Wiktor accidentally posted a test post to Buzz. His birthday present is being announced in a minute, and will make up for it. :)"

Marty191 [PersonRank 3]

10 years ago #

yes! just before two days i tried to make a label cloud, but some error occured, so i let it be, and now they just added that function, great :)

DPic [PersonRank 10]

10 years ago #

Yeah, i remember seeing that post in my feed reader and being a bit confused. Then i google the poster,

found his blogger profile ...

and these blogs

Ludwik Trammer [PersonRank 10]

10 years ago #

LOL, the first name "blogasek123123" could be roughly translated from Polish as "my_little_cute_blogy123123" and the logo on the top of the blog belongs to Google's competitor on the Polish market ( ...).

I'm not good enough to translate "Wygibasy Wiktora". I have no idea how would you say "wygibasy" in English :]

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