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Contest to Redesign Google (and Unofficial Google Theme Directory)  (View post)

Dr.S.P.Padmaprasad [PersonRank 1]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
14 years ago3,097 views

Whatever the GOOGLE tries, it is for betterment and more usefulness. If it brings out a new facelift, that will definetely more advantegeous.I'm sure!

Daniel Howard [PersonRank 0]

14 years ago #

It looks like the "top rated" redesigns are to make the margins really wide so you have to scroll more. With the favorite being an eye watching you use Google. Because Google's data mining isn't sufficiently creepy without it staring at you searching for porn.

Site should be renamed GOOGLE DESIGN FAILURE.

Rob McCance [PersonRank 1]

14 years ago #

I'm all for useful redesigns but that blue thing on the previous page, now way!

[Signature removed – Tony]

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