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Mambo [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, November 5, 2006
17 years ago2,573 views

First of all, here's a fantastic interview with the Google Reader product manager.

It's from a few days ago, but still has 100% value, as during the conversation the MeasureMap owner makes a guest appearance, and this leads to an unofficial "announcement" of a secret, new Blog Analytics feature/product in the near future.

Part of Blogger? Most likely.

DPic [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

awesome! now i can't wait to see what they use neven vision for since i know picasa web albums and image search could use a lot of improvement. also jot spot :)

Kent Dodds [PersonRank 1]

17 years ago #

Well, about analytics. I find that it's not all that accurate. I used both analytics and Stat Counter gives me more info and Analytics doesn't give all the visitors, but a better user experience. I think that if Analytics got more accurate, it would be much better.

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