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Luke Baker [PersonRank 1]

Thursday, May 26, 2005
19 years ago

I got an error that indicates it is using Nutch (

Usman Tilly [PersonRank 1]

19 years ago #

I'm finding a lot of errors for stuff i'm looking for. Like the indexing is very slow compared to the posting of torrents.

Perhaps that is due to me searching for TV torrents...meaning most of them sites have gone down, yet i would have thought the site would be pruning those links pretty regularly! is VERY google like! but it does look very classy!

Michael Nguyen [PersonRank 1]

19 years ago #

Yeah, I'm not finding much stuff either. It was a bit slow for me yesterday, but it's alot better now.

rmg [PersonRank 0]

19 years ago #

He really should not have put that on his own site. Its now getting blocked by webwasher etc. IIRC it wasnt before. The "Torrents are legal, people use them for Linux distros" argument wears thin when you can access ten tons of warez from the creators site.

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