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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WikiTrivia Categories

If you (like me) tried WikiTrivia before and found it too hard, you might want to try it again: I added several categories (like Comics, Movies, Sports or Blogs), and you may find you’re an expert in one of them. This will make the game much easier for you. If you have suggestions for further categories let me know.

BitTorrent Search

After Bitoogle, SuprNova, Isohunt, and Torrentspy, you can now search for BitTorrents at the official BitTorrent homepage. Or at least, that’s the idea – when I tried, I got error messages or nothing at all instead of a search result page. German Spiegel was more lucky; they say as opposed to most old contenders, the BitTorrent search is “googly.”

Brain Alphabet

[G O O G L E]

This is the methodology behind the Brain Alphabet, which created the Google logo above:

“Each letter is a close-up of gyri (bumps) and sulci (grooves) found on the surface of the human brain. The letters were all found within the brain photographs shown on the right. Some of the patterns were rotated, flipped upside-down or enlarged.”

[Via J-Walk.]

BBS: The Documentary

Boing Boing points to a documentary on BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems, a sort of precursor to the WWW). According to the creator’s web site:

“’BBS: The Documentary’ is an 8 episode series about all aspects of the history of the dial-up Bulletin Board System, or BBS. 3 years in the making and the result of over 200 interviews, this collection puts in one convenient package a sense of the variety and wide-reaching effects of the BBS phenomenon. All in all, over seven and a half hours of material is included across the three region-free DVDs.”

On releasing this film under a Creative Commons license, creator Jason Scott replies:

“$50 is steep for some people, and not steep for others. I’ve now spent 10 percent of my life so far making this film, interviewed 205 people, travelled thousands of miles over years, and spent a year editing the resulting 250 hours down to the works on the DVD. I am asking, in return, $50.

Releasing the DVD as a Creative Commons work is less about encouraging people to “not pay” and more about treating my audience with respect. The thought of threatening people with jail because they shared copies of my movies absolutely revulses me. People will watch and pay or not watch and pay but it’s a lot more important to me that they WATCH than anything else. If my story of making the production, my willingness to autograph any copies you buy, and the hard work I put into designing the packaging isn’t sufficient to make it worth buying for you, so be it. I’d rather you at least heard what it had to say. Additionally, I encourage people who think I did the documentary “wrong” to use the documentary as source material and make a new one.”

AdSense Favicons

It looks like Google is experimenting with adding more glitz to their advertisement blocks: little icons next to the title. I suppose any variation makes people click on the ads more for a short period of time (until they get used to the variation and suffer banner blindness). [Via Telendro.]

Blog Post Leads to Killer’s Capture

This is scary; someone got murdered but blogged shortly before, revealing the killer’s identity. Read the full story at the New York Daily News. [Via Waxy.]

Blogebrity A-List

Are you a blogger? If so, you may find yourself in the A-, B- or C-List of bloggers. [Via IG.]


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