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What is Google Answers?

Google Answers is a live question/ answer system. Ask anything that's on your mind, from business research to philosophy, to "what's the title of this book". Attach an answer price from US-$2 to $200. There's a listing fee of $0.50, but except for that the money can be completely refunded if you're not satisfied with an answer. But that's unlikely to happen, since 500 expert researchers world-wide do their best to give high-quality answers!

Small Interview Glossary

GA: Google Answers (every nick in Google, for researchers and other users, has a "-ga" suffix).
GAR: A Google Answers Researcher.
Peanut Gallery: The Google Answers comments section.

Note: The interviews featured on this site are approved by Google Answers, but do not in any way represent Google's views. Photos are reproduced here with friendly permission of the researchers and are copyrighted to them.


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