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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google Logo in SketchUp

I’ve recreated the Google logo as SketchUp 3D model. You can load it into SketchUp by clicking Google -> Get Models and then searching for “Google.”

Google London Conference on Automation

Google is hosting a Conference on Test Automation in their London office and asks for presentations. I’ve added this to the Search events calendar. (Is Google Calendar very slow for everyone else recently?) [Thanks Pd.]

Washington Post on V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

The Washington Post covers the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO contest. [Thanks Alek.]

Google Pages in Google Base?

No hidden JavaScript is safe from ZDNet’s Garett Rogers, who now found pieces of Google Pages within Google Base. “Google is arming itself to take on eBay – even if they don’t admit to it,” Garett says.

The Browser Wars (Cartoon)

Microsoft can laugh about itself, as this comic strip covering the “Browser Wars” shows. Well, looking at IE7 or the most recent Windows Media Player, I get the feeling Microsoft software usability is going downhill. Every MS developer should have a copy of the great User Interface Design for Programmers. [Thanks Pd.]

Google Calendar Notifier

If you want to be reminded of Google Calendar events outside of Google Calendar/ Gmail, you might want to give the (unofficial) Google Calendar Notifier Firefox extension a try. [Thanks Or in the forum.]

Google Arabic Translator

Google added English <--> Arabic translations to their language tools. [Thanks Alek.]

Google Talk Feature Suggestions

Nice: Google now allows you to officially vote on your favorite future Google Talk features. (While I don’t have Google Talk suggestions I do have a Google Chat suggestion: don’t close the popout window when I close Gmail...)


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