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Monday, February 18, 2008

Winner of the Google Logo Redesign Contest
By Tony Ruscoe & Philipp Lenssen

There have been a lot of very interesting entries to the little Google logo redesign competition we started. The competition ended on Friday and here is the winner –’s art directory Tyler Jordan created the hands down most impressive design (and then ended up on the Digg homepage with it):

You can imagine this Terminator-googlebot-technospider would not be the kind of design to be considered for the actual Google homepage, but as the competition was more for fun, that’s not an issue.

However, we both thought conceptually the following logo by Niraj Sanghvi was among the most interesting:


Reading “Go Ogle,” This design combines the search box with the logo, making the Google homepage even simpler than before. (Looking at this creation you can also imagine the Google logo placed to the right of the Google search box as submit button.)

Bilal was the most productive participant, creating not a single but 11 different logo iterations. We thought one of the best takes of his was this one – a pure (highly recognizable) symbol, defeating language barriers in the process of global marketing of a company or product:

Another logo which Adrian Lunsong came up with simply refers to Google as “the G.” This could be interesting again in markets where the word “google” may not fit in as easily, like perhaps China (where Google already promotes the “" alternative):

[Thanks to everyone who participated in the thread!]


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