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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Google A-Z

I took around 2,500 words* from a dictionary and combined them with the word “Google” to automatically query Google and get the top result. You can find it at FindForward’s “All Google”. (I’m preparing the same for Blog, Wiki, Yahoo, Sex, Love, God, Book, Internet, and Cartoon.)

I already came across interesting articles which I didn’t know (see “Google’s Weight” below). If you have a term you want to see coupled with a dictionary, let me know!

*I choose the words based on their frequency online, so that they are neither too seldom, nor too frequent.

Orkut Security Leaks Continued

Another script posted by an Orkut member shows how wrong it was for the Google-programmers to have GET requests become active like POST requests (as opposed to staying passive as is advised for them). If I would put the script on my site, my visitors who are still logged in to Orkut might be banned from Orkut because they join 300 communities at once.
PHP (untested) folllows:

$i = 100;
while($i < 400)
    echo "<iframe src=";
    echo "Community.aspx?cmm=$i&cmd=add></iframe>";

Also see the previous Orkut exploit.

Google’s Weight

“There’s this one user, a Google zealot - we don’t know who he is – who occasionally sends an e-mail to our “comments” address. Every time he writes, the e-mail contains only a two-digit number. It took us awhile to figure out what he was doing. Turns out he’s counting the number of words on the home page. When the number goes up, like up to 52, it gets him irritated, and he e-mails us the new word count. As crazy as it sounds, his e-mails are helpful, because it has put an interesting discipline on the UI team, so as not to introduce too many links. It’s like a scale that tells you that you’ve gained two pounds.”
– Interview: Marissa Mayer, Product Manager, Google (by Mark Hurst), October 15, 2002

That was two years ago. How much does Google weigh today?

  1. Web
  2. Images
  3. Groups
  4. Directory
  5. News
  6. Advanced
  7. Search
  8. Preferences
  9. Language
  10. Tools
  11. Advertise
  12. with
  13. Us
  14. Business
  15. Solutions
  16. Services
  17. Tools
  18. Jobs
  19. Press
  20. Help
  21. Go
  22. to
  23. Google
  24. Deutschland
  25. Make
  26. Google
  27. Your
  28. Homepage
  29. ©
  30. 2004
  31. Google
  32. Searching
  33. 4,285,199,774
  34. web
  35. pages

Also see the web-page simplicity-of-design test

French Google Ranking Contest

“Mangeur de Cigogne"; I don’t really know what this French phrase means but apparently there’s a contest going on to see who ranks highest for it on Google.

Googledorks Google Hacks

[Google Hacks]

Certain texts as indexed by Google and searched for reveal more than a novice Webmaster might have intended. Googledorks [via Scott Granneman of The Register] lists all of them.
For example, the following searches:

The site also features Gooscan to automate checking for server vulnerabilities.
Also available for download is the PowerPoint presentation Watching the Watchers: Hacking with Google.

Also note has a search option specifically suited to find browsing-enabled directories. It’s not hacking, just very specific searching!

A helpful bookmark to get even more accounts: offers a variety of logins for websites like The New York Times which ask you to provide your private details when you want to read certain stories. Joke

Google’s including data. This Open Directory Project is known to be quite slow at times.

Q. What causes an ODP Editor to move?
A. Continental drift.


AdSense Tracker

AdSense Tracker attempts to help you track your campaign via PHP and MySQL.

Backlinks Checker

See Report 2 at for a great backlinks checker.


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