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Thursday, August 12, 2004

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A Technorati chart asks “Who has the ear of the blogosphere?” and lists the most-linked sites. [Via Waxy.]

Googledance 2004

Over at, the official Googledance 2004 photo gallery has opened its doors to curious visitors. [Via Search Engine Roundtable.]

Also see the Googledance 2002 and 2003.

Google IPO Auction Opens

Google announced in a press release its auction would open today (August 13, 9:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time).

More background in this Q&A by Bambi Francisco of CBS Marketwatch. The quintessence? When it comes to GOOG, think long term!

The new takes up on the idea of zoogling – the act of closing your eyes to enter a Google query, as described – and delivers very random results. (For a change try the Google Laar machine, which chooses a random word from the dictionary for you.)

Google Playboy Interview

Associated Press argues that a Google Playboy article may raise concerns for the upcoming IPO. (While a 7-page interview with the company co-founders doesn’t sound like it fits the quiet period, I’m sure the Google lawyers are worth their money and all is under control.)

Update: reports Google replies: “We do not believe that our involvement in the Playboy magazine article constitutes a violation (...) We would contest vigorously any claim that a violation of the Securities Act occurred.”

Update 2: you can read the full Playboy interview contained within the S-1A. [Via Battelle.]

Onpage 2 Video

[Onpage 2]

Onpage 2 is a browser-based, WYSIWYG Content Management System. I created it in 2000 for my old company M+R. You can try out the demo (works with Internet Explorer). The output is XHTML1.0 Strict + CSS2, and it’s all stored in MS-SQL as XML. You can easily switch the stylesheet to create any kind of look, and there are a lot of components – like dynamic search results included anywhere within the page.

Watch a video presentation of Onpage 2 [WMV].

Sites using Onpage 2 include:


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