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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

FindForward Backlink Alerts


If you want to get email alerts of new links to your site, you can now include the following HTML snippet anywhere in the body of your document:

This will place a small FindForward image into your page with a link to FindForward. The button looks like this:


You need to replace the email as above ( with your own email. Alerts will be mailed to you whenever someone followed a link to your site (but only once per individual linking page per month).

The great thing is that when you run an email notifier, such as the Gmail notifier, you will immediately know if there are new links to you. Additionally, you can set up a FindForward label in Gmail to filter alerts into one place.

Legalese: To use this service you must include the FindForward image anywhere in the page so that it is visible. For technical reasons I do store your email in my database; I will never pass it on, or email you. I will only email you when I will change the Terms of Service, or am about to terminate the service. I plan to clear the referrer-data the first of each month. Please consider this project Beta, and note I cannot promise to keep it running forever (even though I intend to). FindForward Alerts are partly inspired by the VisitorVille statistic software, which also alerts you of new referrers in live time.

Update: Also, you may want to see Brian’s comments in the forum for information on scrambling your email.

Update 2: If you want to you can now use “--at--” instead of “@” to scramble your email address. e.g. “”.

Update 3: The border for this button is now permanently turned off via an inline-style.

Update 4: Early adopters of the FindForward button are Brian, Zarah, Shih-Hsien, Adam, Info Canada, Henrik and others...

Scott Niven’s Short Stories

Thanks to Scott Niven for giving me permission to republish his short stories on Authorama.
As of today, Authorama also includes RSS feeds for every book (for whatever it may be worth).

Google Doesn’t Have Everything

Davezilla notes Google doesn’t have everything...

Friendster vs Blogging

“So I was terminated from Friendster today. The reason given was blogging.”
Troutgirl (Joyce Park), August 30. 2004

Jeremy Zawodny reports a Friendster employee has been fired for blogging, and he concludes we should cancel our Friendster accounts citing “firing employee for blogging” as reason. (Sounds like a good idea and I would cancel my Friendster account, if not for the fact I don’t have one... the site failed several times to send me the registration email needed.)

Zawodny in the meantime keeps blogging without being fired (he works for Yahoo). Even better, Zawodny just posted on the official Yahoo blog (which, by the way, is updated more often than the official Google blog, and also has comments and RSS).

Google Backlink Update

Finally Google updates its backlinks, and it looks like things are back to normal. (For about a month I could not see any results using; this was also true for many other sites.) [Via German Abakus.]
Will in a search engine newsgroup writes: “If no PR update occurs, this will be the 3rd backlink update without an accompanying PR update."

Search Engine Radio

At you will find a radio channel dedicated to nothing but search. Archived shows are available, with guests including John Battelle, Andy Beal, Ken McCarthy, David McInnis and Alan Pollett.


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