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Friday, September 24, 2004

SEO 2004

There once was a time when people used meta tags, creative and overlong headlines, multiple dashes in file names, and a lot of other magic. These were the innocent days of optimizing your pages for a search engine, using quite innocent methodology. This used to work. It still does, for some engines. Not so for Google. The major search engine must prevent itself from being tricked.

These days, what counts for Google is not on-page, but off-page optimization. And the only thing that matters on other sites are links with relevant anchor texts, pointing to your site. In other words, it’s more a social (word-of-mouth) issue than a technical one.

As you can see I’m #1 in the current Seraphim Proudleduck competition without any specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – all I did was post backlinks using the phrase “Seraphim Proudleduck”, and ask others to do the same (and give them motivation to do so – they might like my content, or like the prize I pass on if I win).

So do you have a product, or web service? Do you want to find ways to Search Engine Optimize your site? If you didn’t already, I suggest you do the following (or hire someone who you trust to do it for you):

Now you might come to the conclusion that in 2004, SEO is dead. In certain ways, it is. But you can still see a scheme, and these days it’s: take your time, listen, help others, and you will be rewarded.

Seraphim Proudleduck Number One

From where I’m searching, this blog is now number one (and two) for Seraphim Proudleduck. If we can keep this position – which possibly will be harder than getting there – I will pass on the full prize money to one of those who linked to here.

Also see the previous explanation on the competition rules, and how you can create a link.

The Google Images result for Seraphim Proudleduck still shows nothing.

Search Google Print

Google scanned quite a lot of magazines and books. To search them you can use the following query:

keyword (inurl:isbn | inurl:articleid)

(Replace “keyword” with whatever you are looking for. “Isbn” finds books, “articleid” finds magazines, so you can also use just one of the two.)

Even easier, I provided a new search option in FindForward called “Print” which performs above search for you.

[Via ResearchBuzz.]

Yahoo Needs Help

I believe it was Paul Graham who said you can learn most about a company by looking at its job offers. Here are Yahoo’s.


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