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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Addicted to Google (Movie)

See college kids who are addicted to using Google
[MOV, ~100 now ~20 MB, by Yoni H. at]
“I don’t call it stalking, I call it googling.”
Kudos for a highly entertaining mockumentary.

Also see the Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Google

FindForward Button Using Amazon (Poll)

As mentioned before, I recently added functionality to the FindForward Backlinks alert button which would make it display itself as Amazon DVD link reading “Top Movies” half of the time. After 100 users included the button, I felt it was time to make a decision between trying to cover my additional server costs this way, or discontinuing the service (as you may know, every time the button is displayed anywhere, it triggers some database calculations on my server, and my server is already running on its limit). I’m still unsure how to continue, and if you have feedback to offer please take part in the poll.

SMS Definitions

Jay N. sent in this reply on "define google" he received from Google's new SMS service at 46645 (it resembles the first result when you type define google into Google):

Message from:

* Google: Currently
the most important
spidering search
engine by far,
Google is
dominating the
search engine

4:50PM 10/09


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