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Sunday, November 7, 2004

Google Images Can’t Find Lynndie England

It’s interesting to see the Google censors Abu Ghraib images conspiracy meme (a Google Images search for “lynndie england” doesn’t return the torture images) entered Slashdot in a matter-of-fact style news piece, even though there’s still no sight of proof – and it’s highly unlikely anybody censored this. Chances are this is nothing but Google being slow at updating its image database.

Update: InsideGoogle points to an apparent statement by Google Co-founder Sergey Brin passed on at Slashdot. The basic message: no, we didn’t censor anything, and yes, our image database is slow, we’re working on it.

Follow-up on Technorati’s Redesign

Technorati's CEO clarified in the comments that the smiling faces in Technorati are shown when the blog has been claimed (I was suspecting they are connected to VoteLinks). The status of VoteLinks, on the other hand, can be seen on the Bloggers' Votes counted page (which is currently in Alpha stage). The Most Evil Blog in the World is also listed, with only a single negative vote so far.

Browsers with good stylesheet support can see the last link in above paragraph with a light-red background. This effect is achieved with the following CSS:

    background-color: rgb(255,236,236);

Feeeds Comments

You can now add comments to every post shown on Feeeds.

“People trust simply designed sites.”
Here’s the story of [Via SER.]


The new search engine FyberSearch offers a lot of customization.

Feeeds RSS, Archive

I added an RSS feed for Feeeds. Also, there is now a daily archive. This should get more useful as time passes. The first day archived is 11/05/04 and you can click on the next icon >> to move forward.


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