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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Google Images Updated

After what feels like an eternity in web world, Google updated their image search index.

This means not only new images and different rankings, it also means older images show updated thumbnails in case the original image changed. (One specific image on my own server was showing a many-months old version around last week, and has now been updated.)

Also, Google now shows images for a search for “Abu Ghraib” or “Lynndie England” – in November last year, there were rumors of censorship because these were missing. While these rumors couldn’t really be taken seriously, it was true Google Images had a painfully slow update circle. Back then, according to Slashdot, Sergey Brin said:

“In short, There is no censorship here. We are embarassed that our image index is not updated as frequently as it should be. Expect a refresh in the near future.”

Now it looks like they’ve been successfully working on this issue. And possibly, we can expect faster updates in the future.

[Thanks to Google Blog Dirson for the info.]

Note the old index may still show for you; some cannot see the new results yet, or only see them sometimes.


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