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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Technorati Tags?

Six days ago, I wrote to Technorati support wondering why my RSS feed categories aren't working for me. I didn't hear back from them until now (except, of course, for the automated reply. I'm sort of missing the point of those, by the way). So, if email didn't work, maybe the blog will.

In the Google Blogoscoped RSS 2.0, I'm automatically tagging all posts which contain the word "Google" with the category "Google", like this ...


... but the posts get ignored by Technorati's Google page – at least I never found one from Google Blogoscoped on it (they may appear to the side, but that's from the feed for "Google").

In any case, I find it somewhat strange Technorati does not mention how to include appropriate tags right within RSS. Instead, they refer to different blog software packages handling this automatically, or else ask for backlinks like these ...

<a href=""

... which sort of sounds like asking for Googlejuice*.

*I'm always wary of services which need a backlink to index you properly; e.g. the search engine Gigablast tells users their page will receive a Gigaboost in the search results when they link to (I first reported on this in 2003). Now that's bad practice – why would users of Gigablast care about who links to Gigablast? Wouldn't they prefer objective rankings?

Google Business (Audio)

Nicole Simon at Useful Sounds discusses Google [MP3], among other things. [Find out more about this podcast]
Nicole also points to Wiki-style, yet another anti-Nofollow (make that follow) initiative... this one providing a variety of buttons for opponents of Google’s anti-spam measurements. It seems time’s ripe for an Anti-No-NoFollow initiative to come along – any takers?

Searching 9,105,590,456 Pages?

Jean Véronis does some calculations and comes to the conclusion Google now indexes over 9 billion pages. (As we all know, the Google page count displayed on the front-page footer is updated slower than Google’s actual index.)

Fresh Google Cartoons

Using the updated Google Images, I could locate these Google cartoons you might not have seen yet:

A helpful Google Images tip: When searching Google for multiple words, e.g. Google Cartoon, you can often return additional results by omitting spaces, like GoogleCartoon.

More cartoons can be found at the Google Blogoscoped Google Cartoons page.

Blog Epidemic Analyzer

Andy Baio started the Star Wars kid meme in his blog. The HP Information Dynamics Lab offers a Blog Epidemic Analyzer, and here’s the memespread for the Star Wars Kid.

Gadget Baby (Audio)

Get to know a baby’s first words [MP3]. Listen to the full podcast at

Parody of Justin’s Breakdown

I recently posted a link to Justin Hall’s breakdown video, pointer courtesy of Waxy’s daily links, and just some days went by to bring us this follow-up parody [WMV] by Jeremy.

Googler Trip Slideshow

Here’s a slideshow from the Googler ski trip by Biz Stone. [Via Zorgloob.]

Google Linguistics

“Linguists, however, are slowly coming to discover the joys of a free and searchable corpus of maybe 10 trillion words that is available to anyone with an internet connection: the world wide web. The trend, predictably enough, is prevalent on the internet itself. For example, a group of linguists write informally on a weblog called Language Log. There, they use Google to discuss the frequency of non-standard usages such as “far from” as an adverb (“He far from succeeded”), as opposed to more standard usages such as “He didn’t succeed—far from it”. A search of the blog itself shows that 354 Language Log pages use the word “Google”. The blog’s authors clearly rely heavily on it.”
– The Economist: Corpus colossal, Jan 20th 2005


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