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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Now that the Google Video search is out, I did what you may call “post-SEO” – Search Engine Optimization long after your page has been written and indexed. This can be a helpful step if new topics spring up and you unexpectedly find yourself on top of a Google ranking. I went to Google and checked what I think will be typical search queries for those looking for the Google Video homepage (or background information on this service). I found the following ranking for Google Blogoscoped:

With this information, I went to the specific pages which ranked well, and inserted a little linked note in them: “In case you are looking for the new Google Video Search, here’s ...”
This will help all those who clicked on the result expecting to find information on Google Video, when actually my page (at the time of writing) was not about this topic – instead, without any intend to rank well for “Google Video”, I simply put videos online which contain Google information, or talked about how Google might one day do a video search.

Of course, the intermediate results leading to my follow-up notes will have a very short life-time. I expect the new Google result to kick in by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, by which possibly the actual Google Video homepage will be first for those searches, with – as usual – the Slashdot coverage somewhere in the top 5. (Slashdot is a PageRank 9 front-page and gets picked up incredibly well.)

By the way, the only alternative to rank good for “Google Video” right now would be to buy AdWords ads in the search result (even that might take minutes to hours, and the word “Google” is not allowed to be part of the ad text). Any post-SEO applied to pages, including changing the title on pages which already rank well, would not be effective quickly. This means you can never be a “natural number 1" for these terms unless you already are – the number 1 position, thankfully, will from soon on be inhibited by And that’s the time when I can remove my “soft redirects” from my blog archive.


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