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Thursday, February 3, 2005

The Google Auto Linker

I will write a little test post for a new tool I’ ve thought of. What does it do? It checks Google for the longest occurrences of strings from a text on the web, and then turns it into a link. While I don’t know exactly how this would be useful, I find it interesting we can check Google to see if something has been thought before us – and almost anything has been said before us, one time or another. It’s all out there for us to dive into. Sometimes we find like-minded people. Have you ever brainstormed a great idea, given it a name, then checked Google for whether or not this name exists? That’s the global brain, and we are just synapses within it. Whether or not the tool will turn out to be useful greatly depends on how many keywords Google can be fed a time. It turns out this number has recently increased from 10 to 32. Certainly not unlimited, but enough for now to play around with. To further stretch the limits of the tool I’m about to write I will make sure to have some really uncommon words or phrases right here in this text. Like when I say googlemoogly I think the number 12902120100342232391 must be incrrrrredibbbbly rrrrrare. If things work out, the prior sentence should have less underlines than the others, simply because less links with a copy of the text can be found. And wouldn’t this allow me to see how original a part of my text is? Or is this like judging a painting by sniffing its paint? Whatever the case, I believe the length of the sample copy here served its purpose. Hopefully the tool will be good. I will name it: The Google Auto Linker. Let’s see if someone thought of that before!

The Google Auto Linker is too slow to be public for now, but if you want to see your text converted, email me.

Update: more Goole Auto Linker.


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