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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mark Jen Updated His Blog

Justin in the forum points out Mark Jen, ex-Googler, has updated his blog. Mark writes (case adjusted):

“On January 28th, 2005, I was terminated from Google. Either directly or indirectly, my blog was the reason. This came as a great shock to me because two days ago we had looked at my blog and removed all inappropriate content – the comments on financial performance and future products. For my next entries, I was very cognizant of my blogging content, making sure to stay away from these topics. I mean, as much as I like to be open and honest about communicating to users and customers, I’m not insubordinate. (...)

I should’ve waited a little longer and felt the company out a bit more before I started blogging at length. In retrospect, that is good advice and a lesson learned. I was just too excited.”


I made LinkZoom to visualize links found on web pages in an interesting, slideshow-like way. You can try to submit link blogs, your own blog, URLs of search results (like those of Technorati or Google) or any other page.

Dan Gillmor on Wikipedia Criticism

“The almost hysterical anti-Wikipedia comments I see from some folks (...) doesn’t mean the critics are entirely wrong. But they are missing the point in so many ways.

One critic is a Big University professor – a former professional journalist with significant online experience – whose class I visited recently as a guest lecturer. I was talking about Wikipedia, and he launched into a rant about its failings. In particular, he complained about the several inaccuracies in an article about a topic with which he was deeply familiar.

“So,” I asked, “did you fix them?”

“No,” he responded, “I don’t have time for that kind of thing.”

Talk about not getting it.”
– Dan Gillmor, Google, Wikipedia and More, February 11, 2005

43 Things on Google

What are people trying to achieve with Google? Here’s a list from 43 Things:


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