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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Gmail in Plain HTML

Apparently Gmail now supports any browser with a “plain HTML” interface – no more snappy DHTML for those browser which can’t support it. I will post an update to this post after I tested Gmail on my Nokia 6600 Netfront browser (and I will post the update using the same Nokia). [Via Inside Google.]

Well, it didn’t work with my Nokia browser – it said there’s a cookies problem.

Become the Next Web Hype

I wanted to title this post “All Your Tourist Guy Are Belong to Numa Numa Hamster Dance with the Star Wars Kid,” but then again, puns don’t work for microcontent (and I don’t want to break any RSS readers). But here’s the gist: Germany’s most popular online news source started a “Numa Numa” contest. A mini FAQ:


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