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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Google Germany’s Holger Meyer

The German Welt am Sonntag today reports on Holger Meyer, age 36, and head of Google Germany in Hamburg since August 2001. According to the article by Martina Goy, Holger worked at AltaVista when he was called up by Fabio Selmoni. Fabio asked “When can you come to San Francisco?”, and a few days and a 51-hour trip later, Holger was now the boss of German Google.

His main role back then was to market Google’s Pay-per-Click ad branch. Since he started working at Google, he had to move twice – the offices became too small. This doesn’t mean it’s only stress; the Welt am Sonntag reports there’s a “Thank God it’s Friday” meeting every Friday at 4pm with all sorts of drinks. Holger still says, “Google is pushing, but I like sportive goals.”

The Welt am Sonntag goes on to report some details about Holger Meyer the private person (he was born and living near Gl├╝cksstadt, is blond and blue-eyed, married to 36-year old Gesche who he met at prom night, and has a two-year old daughter). Also, there’s mention of his colleagues at Google Germany: Rouven Knobloch, who’s guarding the entrance, Stefan Keuchel, who likes the fact the verb “to google” made it into the German Duden, and an English man by the name of James Bond (yes, indeed).


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