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Friday, March 25, 2005

First Look at Yahoo 360

Charlene Li takes a first look (along with screenshots) at Yahoo’s upcoming 360 blogging-flickr-friendster-anything project. [Via Battelle.]

Attack Your Blog

This is funny: Denis Rionnet’s Flash-based Netdisaster allows you to attack your own blog in a variety of ways (like floods, a Marsian attack, bombs, or meteors). [Via Elliott.]

Search Time Zones

A recent discussion on search engines made me think of the four time zones search engines tap:

Far pastRecent pastPresentFuture
Wayback Machine Google
Ask Jeeves
Bloglines Search
Google News Search
Yahoo News Search
Google Alerts
Indigo Google Alert
Yahoo Alerts

Spam Words

Gary Price points to a list of words most commonly disguised by spammers (think “v1agra”, one of the 5,600,000,000 words caught by the Sophos anti-spam filter). Here’s the top 10:

  1. cialis
  2. orgasms
  3. viagra
  4. shipping
  5. milf
  6. valium
  7. pharmacy
  8. xanax
  9. increase
  10. vicodin

Google News Sources

Google News does not tell in detail which sources they are using. PrivateRadio now wrote a script which screen-scrapes Google News to compile a list of sources. It currently shows 723 sources (along with the headlines which appeared) aggregated from the last 48 hours. While this isn’t the complete list yet – a complete list would contain thousands of distinct sources – this is already interesting. [Via Buzzmachine.]


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