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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tony Blair Googlebomb

Tony Blair has been googlebombed to #1 for a Google UK search for “liar” (he’s only a mere #10 for “poodle”).

Google Annual Report

If you’re into heavy financial data, along with some readable prose*, check out Google’s just-released first annual report. [Thanks Gary.]

*"We believe that our user focus is the foundation of our success to date. We also believe that this focus is critical for the creation of long-term value. We do not intend to compromise our user focus for short-term economic gain.”

Google Prefetching on Firefox

Google says they’re now using prefetching technology on search result. Prefetching is a Firefox/ Mozilla feature which can load in advance pages you might visit, like the top links presented to you on the SERPs. I guess it pays out Google hired Firefox developers.

Update: Apparently, this feature is implemented using <link rel="prefetch" href="" />. It’s possible only some users see this for the moment; I didn’t see it.

Update 2: Prefetching will only be active for result links which have high click-through rates, as Nathan says in the forum.

Update 3: According to the W3C, the “link” element is only allowed in a page’s “head” section – it is not allowed in the “body”, as Google uses it.


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