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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Here’s GGG-Gmail, the Gizzogle of email. [Thanks Rob.]

Google Maps Biographies

Mat Howie annotated a Google Maps satellite view with stories from his life, and this inspired a new Flickr group called Memory Maps with three more maps so far (I’ll join as soon as Google Maps comes to Europe). Of course, it would be very interesting if this kind of annotation system could be built right into Google Maps or a similar service. [Via Waxy.]

Others are annotating their walk to work.

On a related note, how did the letters DAVE make it onto this map?

Also, here’s a nice view of a boat.

Gmail Storage Increase

Ruben Brito sent this:

“Gmails storage seems to be increasing ~3.5 Megs per day, or ~1.3 Gigs per year. Is my math correct?
I got this by taking 2 screenshots, one at 11:14AM (2061.014162 Gigs) and another at 2:48PM (2061.53287 Gigs)

How are they doing this?”

Jux Redesign

Meta search engine Jux2 just received a makeover, as Search Engine Watch reports. You can use this engine to compare the results from Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves. For example, you can find the best overall results, the results only Google found, or the results Google didn’t find at all (actually, this will only reveal what Google didn’t rank in the top 10 or top 20). The design is very well, I only wish they’d add the currently missing MSN search too.

Google Current Show

Google is getting its own TV show, Google Current, which is all about what people are searching for. [Via InsideGoogle.]

Google Maps Satellite

Google Maps integrated Keyhole technology to make for a great satellite view (click “Satellite” on the right, and try entering “pizza new york, ny”).

On a related note, try entering Where is Google heading? into Google Maps. [Thanks Liyster.]


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