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Monday, June 13, 2005

RSS to Email

This sounds very interesting: Rmail by Randy Charles Morin delivers any RSS feed* to your email – one email per fresh article posted, and individual blogs are crawled once per hour. Now, by adding some filters, you could turn Gmail into an RSS reader (note that a “+” character is currently not allowed for Rmail). The Gmail Notifier would make the RSS reader complete.

Here’s a sample email from Rmail:

“Subject: Comparing Linux and BSD, Diplomatically - Slashdot

Joe Barr writes “Talk about a red-button issue. How do you compare Linux and the BSDs and keep the debate from turning into a friendly-fire flame-fest nightmare between bigots on both sides of the line? Linus Torvalds once handled a similar situation by wearing a BSD beanie at USENIX while delivering a Linux talk. Now he tries it again in this interview on NewsForge .”
Thanks you for using Rmail!
Click here to unsubscribe.”

*Like, or

[Via Coolz0r at InsideGoogle.]


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