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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Video Game Ads

Nothing but classic and contemporary Video Game Ads videos to be found here. [Via Unf Unf.]

The Yahoo Image Game

This blog’s new Yahoo Image Game uses the Yahoo API to present four images. Only three of the images belong together, one being an exception... and it’s your job to pick the exception.

Update: The game is not always safe for work, because even though the adult filter is on, Yahoo sometimes let’s “saucy” stuff slip through.

SchlechtBedient for 77 Euro

I’m starting a contest for the best story on running the next two weeks. You can win 77 Euro (that’s around $93). Though the site is German, I can translate your true English story about bad service. The prize money is paid via PayPal, and I will decide on which is the best story.

The Google Command Line

Felipe G. releases GCL, the Google Command Line. He explains the project in the forum.


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