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Friday, July 15, 2005

Tripods Google Game

Tripods is a multiplayer Google Maps game. Andy Baio says, “not too fun to play, but a great concept.”

Yahoo Flash Search

The Yahoo Video Search will now find Flash files, too. If you want to restrict your search to Flash-files only, simply go to the “Advanced options” and uncheck all file-type boxes except for “Flash”.

Yahoo Blog in Germany

The official Yahoo blog is now also available in German.

Google Maps Japan

Google added local and maps services for Japan, the Google Blog reports.

AdSense Redesign

When you login to your Google AdSense account today, you’ll notice Google has redesigned their interface. To get to the old listing you now need to click on “This month, by day” at the bottom of the main screen. They’ve also changed some of their policies (does anyone know what exactly?), so you need to accept once more.


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