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Friday, August 12, 2005

Shellen on Privacy

“So since you can’t keep your cards to your chest
I’d suggest you think a few moves ahead”
– Momus, The Age of Information

Jason Shellen, a Google employee, says (likely in reaction to the recent CNet controversy):

“There is a difference between public data and publicizing data. For instance, your phone number might be publicly available via the Yellow Pages™, the interweb, or a county record. There is a huge difference between the availability of such information and the promotion of that information. Having had some of my financial information recently posted by another blogger – I am well aware of what living in a free society entails. I don’t, however, have to like it when people overstep the bounds of common decency or good sense and neither do my co-workers.”

But doesn’t Google promote all kinds of information – simply by making it easier to find?


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