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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Google Pizza

Google is using pizza as a recruitment tool, Nathan Weinberg says.

Google’s Birthday

Update 3: Looking for information on Google’s 8th anniversary?

Google just turned 7.

Update: It took them 20 days to bake a birthday cake, but it’s not too late to say Happy Birthday.

Update 2: Feel free to join the birthday chat.

Google Hiring Another Mozilla Developer

Dirson points to news Google hired Mozilla developer Mike Pinkerton. Mike in his blog writes:

“This past Friday, I accepted a position at Google working on the Firefox team. My last day at AOL, where I spent the last eight years of my life (including Netscape) will be in a couple of weeks. I want to make it clear that it’s not an indication of AOL as a company, about the future of Mac development at AOL, or about the team of very talented people I’ve worked with over the years. I’m very excited about AOL’s new outlook and direction on Mac development (AOL Radio, now in beta, is an awesome little app). Simply put, I was presented with an opportunity at the right place and right time in my life, and to not take it would be silly. (...)

So now let me address the large elephant in the corner: what oh what does it mean for Camino [the Mac OS X browser by the Mozilla Foundation] now that Pink is going to work on Firefox? The answer: only good things. Remember that Google employees get 20% of their time to work on their own pet projects. While some of that time will hopefully be spent nurturing the growing Mac community within Google, a lot of that time will be directly spent on Camino. That’s right, I’m (indirectly) getting paid to keep working on it. That’s going to be a big help with the push for 1.0 coming up this Fall. In addition, just as Josh blogged not so many months ago, there is plenty of Mac-specific work that benefits all Gecko browsers, and now there’s one more Mac guy available to help out.”

Google Wallet Job Ad?

Is Google looking to hire people to secure its online payment system “Google Wallet"? Gary Price spotted a job ad for “Fraud Operations Director, Merchant Payment Solutions.”

The Search Available

It seems John Battelle’s book The Search is finally hitting the stores. (I didn’t read John’s excerpts posted to his blog so far because I don’t want to risk spoiling what ought to be a great book on all things Google and related.)

Also see the interview with John Battelle.

Google Gilligan Update

Is Google implementing an immense increase of its index size? Danny Sullivan says:

“Until recently, a query for “the” was bringing back around 3 billion or 5 billion matches (I can’t recall off hand, but it was well below the 8 billion pages claimed in the Google index). Today, Eric Baillargeon notes how the brings back “about 8,000,000,000” pages. The Google home page reports, “Searching 8,168,684,336 pages.”

So either only 168 million of those pages don’t include the word “the” or something screwy is going on.”

WebmasterWorld in the meantime titled the September changes “Gilligan”, commenting: “It seem the backlink update has begun, not surprising after the heavy spidering lately, good luck everyone!”

Digging Holes Through Earth With Google Maps

This is a fun little application build on top of Google Maps; “If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?[Thanks Luca in the forum.]

Googler Biz Stone Leaves For Odeo

Biz Stone, who was working on Google’s Blogger team, says he resigned from Google to go work for podcasting portal Odeo (which was co-founded by ex-Blogger Evan Williams). Biz adds, “There’s lots of potential here and I’m excited about doing my part to help see it through. I’ll miss working with my Google friends but I look forward to shaking things up and, er, making some noise at Odeo.” [Via Dirson.]

Blogspot’s Random Blog Feature Changed?

Island Dave follows up on my analysis of the blog to splog (spam blog) ratio on Google’s Blogspot, and – as he now finds zero splogs upon checking 140 seemingly random blogs – concludes Google might have tweaked their “Next Blog” functionality to exclude blogs with spammy content.


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