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Friday, September 30, 2005


Placeopedia combines the Google Maps API with Wikipedia articles and their locations. Click “Random place” to explore a little, but note that for many places the map will read “we don’t have maps at this zoom level or this region.” (I suppose as soon as Google Maps covers the whole earth in detail, this will work better.) [Via eHub.]

Also see: WikiTrivia.

Google Ant

This ant is called “Proceratium google” and has been named after, you guessed it, the Mountain View search company. [Via Google Blog.]

Random Food Generator

Not sure what to cook tonight? Give the random food generator a try. I’ll have “Steam veal with sugar. Or maybe lemon thyme.” [Via Generator Blog.]


Woogle puts words in pictures. For example if you enter [punk rock] you’ll see a “visual” sentence composed of an image of a punk, and one of a rock/ rock’n’roll. Results not always safe for work. Did you find good examples worth a look? [Via MeFi.]

Google blogger Dirson informed me the URL is live. There’s no calendar to see there, yet, but this is a clear sign of things to come.

Yahoo Search Site Explorer

Yahoo’s new Site Explorer shows which pages are indexed from a specific domain, and which backlinks point to the domain. I’m a bit underwhelmed by what I see – couldn’t they just allow [site:] and [link:] operators in their web search? – but maybe I’m missing something.

Napoleon Dynamite and Jack Nicholson (Videos)

Take a look at Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro [WMV] advertising the Utah State Fair. Also via Waxy comes The Shining Trailer, remixed [MOV].

Future Me

Write a letter to your future self at (you’ll then see what you had to say years ago). [Via LifeHacker.]


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