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Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Down More Often Lately

Many people, including me, experience Google is down more and more often late. That includes, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Images, and possibly other services as well. At the moment, is down for me. Google Images has been down for several hours, with some short active breaks in-between. My blog is loading slowly because “” doesn’t respond. Google Analytics has been lagging for days without updating its data (and they now stopped accepting new users, as ZDnet reports). Google Maps doesn’t properly work for many weeks here from Germany (endless loading, that is).

Also, I just had to remove my Urchin code because my blog wasn’t loading, and then it worked again immediately (and yes, I could verify this by inserting the code again – indeed the blog wouldn’t load afterwards). Because there’s an endless “ loading” bar on many of my domains where I inserted the Google Analytics code, I am now forced to remove it again one by one. I’m sure at this moment, Google is disappointing many users who trust it and like me inserted Urchin tracking code into their pages.

When I asked Google support about these issues in the recent past, so far they either do not reply or tell me these were minor outages in some areas. But what’s really happening Google?


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