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Monday, December 5, 2005

Why Google Will Be Big in 2006

OK, in the style of 7 reasons why HTML will be big in 2006, here’s why Google will be big in 2006:

  1. They have a cool search technology. If more people (and their friends) learn about it, Google could reach critical mass and beat search engines like Ask Jeeves at their own game.
  2. One word: the logo (or were that two words?). People like colorful, toyish stuff and this could be the single advantage that may make Yahoo users finally see the “Google light” in 2006.
  3. Additional services. Insiders heard of Google because of their search technology, but Google lately added another service or two (even an email client) to their feature range. Google might get their share of the continued web portal popularity.
  4. The underdog position; Google is underestimated by so many, they might secretly score a point or two by surprise releases. While others work out in the open, the “Googleplex” hides its innards as people just aren’t that interested in “the small G.”
  5. Even though sites like may sue for trademark infringement or even domain squatting in 2006, Google may be starting to build enough money through their “AdWords” advertising system to finance a lawyer. Early adopters who like Google should start praying right about now.
  6. Even though a search for “cars” yields twice as many hits in Yahoo than in Google (at this moment, 602,000,000 results in Yahoo, and only 293,000,000 in Google), the ranking factors at Google do look promising. Maybe for search, quantity isn’t as valuable as quality.
  7. Simplicity is the new black. Google might not have all the cool features of Yahoo on one single starting page, but some users may find that in particular interesting. Let’s see!

[Tip o’ the hat to Miel.]


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