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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Weblogs Inc Looking for Search Bloggers

Many of you are very knowledgeable about search engines, and many of you have blogs of their own. Well, Weblogs Inc is now looking for (paid) bloggers for their Google blog, as well as some of their other blogs, including the Yahoo blog. To apply, send an email to Brad Hill ( with the word “googleblogger” and your name in the subject line. [Thanks Mario S.]

Google Homepage Widget: Amazon Search

This new Google Homepage Widget displays an Amazon Search box [XML]. It makes use of external content which can be included in XMLs. Note that this widget is “affiliated”, i.e. I would receive a percentage of whatever Amazon sells through the box. Feel free to copy the code and change it to your own affiliate code!

If you want to add this to your personalized homepage, click “Add content,” copy the URL of the XML file into the box, and hit “Go.”

Google Blocks PhpBB Searches, Possibly Related to Outages

PhpBB is a message board software and apparently, there’s a worm spreading which uses Google to track down phpBB’s on the web. Google is currently blocking this search as James notes, and also, I’m experiencing random outages from here (Germany). I’m not sure if this particular block is old or new. There have been similar worms before.

Google TV Ads (Video)

It looks like DPNeal found the Google TV ads [MOV] mentioned yesterday.

Google Sets Broken

Google Sets, one of the oldest members of the Google Labs, currently returns an error page instead of a result when you enter something. [Thank Idok.]

Google Tip: Single Double Quotes

As Rich from EatGolf tells us, you can use a single quote before a search query to make Google treat it as a phrase search. In other words, the following two are the same (and save you a stroke):


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