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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Google Modules

It’s kind of sad the Google homepage content directory doesn’t frequently update with user submissions. So Alex Ksikes and I set out to create Google, a homepage for all your Google modules. You can find new widgets for your personalized Google homepage and submit new ones. Every module in the directory can be commented and voted on. And as opposed to Google’s directory, if you have Google modules to share they will show instantly after submission (the only requirement is that you provide a screenshot).

Graphic Ads on Google?

The New York Times says AOL coaxes Google to try busier ads. [Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]

Yahoo API Slow

The Yahoo API has been so slow over the last couple of months that it was practically unusable. Has anyone else noticed this? I had to remove it from some applications, and the rest of my applications using it are just dead ever since.

Free Running (Videos)

Here are some videos of parkour, the French sport of urban free running. [Via Spiegel.]

Nostalgic Future Living

In the early ’60s, Motorola advertised their TVs, radio sets and such with a great series of “modern living” paintings, which I’ve collected on one page.

Tim Berners-Lee Turns Off Comments

It seems Tim Berners-Lee was so overwhelmed with feedback on his blog, he turned off comments. In his second post he gives back the “thank you’s” by writing:

“I just played my part. I built on the work of others – the Internet, invented 20 years before the web, by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn and colleagues, for example, and hypertext, a word coined by Ted Nelson for an idea of links which was already implemented in many non-networked systems. I just put these technologies together. And then, it all took off because of this amazing community of enthusiasts, who have done such incredible things with the technology, and are still advancing it in so many ways.”

[Via MrNibz in the forum.]


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