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Sunday, December 25, 2005

RSS Buttons

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Above you can see two old and one new RSS site feed buttons. I hope that when people adopt the new icon they still put the word “Feed” or similar next to it, or else we end up with mystery meat navigation. (Also, I hope both Firefox and Internet Explorer will adjust so that you can actually copy the feed URL from somewhere in the browser status or tool bar.)

In any case I prefer the new button because it’s a) not so technical and b) not so technically ambiguous (after all, while RSS may be XML, XML isn’t just RSS). And now let’s wait and see what happens when XHTML 2 with “inline RSS” functionality (the new role attribute with e.g. rss:title) will be released...

Santa Claus on Google Earth

Brinke is currently tracking Santa Claus via Google Earth (like here).


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