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Monday, December 26, 2005

Google to Limit Resolution of Israel Maps?

IsraelNN reports, “Google, which offers satellite photos of locations across the globe, has agreed to limit the resolution of footage of sensitive military installations and vulnerable sites in Israel.”

The Mini Web, Another Google Module

Google’s mobile search proxy can easily be abused to make for a Google Module...

Gmail Holiday Login

Raymond sent in this screenshot of a Holiday-version Gmail login screen. I suppose you can only see this from the US. The screen reads:

“This holiday season
we hope yule log-in to Gmail.

Here’s to making our world a little smaller, a little warmer,
and to bringing all our friends and family a little closer.

Happy Holidays from the Gmail Team!”

Random Site Image Module

This Google Personalized Homepage module displays a random image from any given site you set in the preferences, e.g. (to do so, the widget searches the site via Google Images).


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