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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Winning Seraphim Proudleduck?

[Seraphim Proudleduck]

Google Blogoscoped is still on the top position for Seraphim Proudleduck in Google. As it’s January 1st, this means we won the SEO competition. In theory, this also means I can pass on the prize money of £1000 via PayPal – but T. sent in a link to a sub-page of the official Seraphim Proudleduck competition page and things don’t look too good (go to, but press Escape quickly or you will be redirected).
Here’s what the page reads, and I assume the author is Shaun O’Connor:

“Why did I have to sell Very good question. Once upon a time I approached a marketing company with an Idea. they were very receptive so I set about putting the idea into practice. A competition was born. No unique competition, at least 3 similar contests had been done in recent times for exactly the same purpose, but even so, a lot of people wanted to enter. Most nice people, a few not so nice.

These not so nice people have reported me for numerous law violations in my country, and now my original sponsor has used this to not only back out, but has threatened to sue me for creating a bad image for their name. Now this would be a fightable cause, because I never gave the name of my sponsor out to a single person, yet they claim otherwise. This is turning out to be a nightmare.

So, what do I do now. I have no clue. Anyone who has suggestions, please post them on your website, I will be looking.........although I don’t know where I will be looking from anymore.

I have discontinued my google adsense campaign, because that is not transferable to another individual and I have had my hands burnt too much with websites to continue......not bad for someone who just wanted a popular website in which to give away his music for free eh? I have not discontinued another income bearing program, which is what the links on the right are for, these I can transfer to another individual and so I have passed that account on. I don’t want you to click on the, they are there because I have found that many people find my referral links through search engines

What will life bring for me in 2005? I don’t know......a mixture of happiness and sadness. I am getting married, I have no job, I have an 18 month child and I have debts. It doesn’t stop their, but I have more pride then to publish the rest of my problems sucks eh?

Anyone linking to this website, your reciprocal link requests will no longer be honoured, so feel free to remove your links to - it is for the new owner to establish her own linking strategies now

Also, email to any that existed prior to January the 1st will no longer reach the intended recipient. My new email address is and no other email address will reach me.

I am writing this, and not actually expecting anyone to read it. If you do, please tell me you have - it will make my otherwise dull day!!! no seriously.......please do. It might take a few days to reply, but I will do.”

On another page, we can read:

“This page has been placed on the WWW by the old owner in an attempt to create a legacy. did not turn out at all how I wanted it, in fact it has caused me great misery in the last few months, I have found on the internet exist some evil individuals who take enjoyment in victimising and abusing people who just want to go about their normal lives.”

I briefly mentioned before that I can only pass on the money I win, though I did not expect to happen what may now be likely – that this competition will not have any prize money. Either we read the truth above or this is the final chapter of an elaborate scam. The original Salmonbones competition page has been replaced by a new one. I contacted the competition owner, Shaun O’Connor, yesterday and asked for a clarification, and I will post further updates here. To make sure this will be of at least some reward to those who linked, I will pay $50 out of my own pocket if I do not receive £1000, and we can still play lottery. What do you think?


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