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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Google Announces Video Store

Google on the CES (the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Larry Page speaks) announced they’re soon going to launch a paid-content service on top of Google Video (note some non-US countries need hacks like the Google Web Accelerator to see Google Video content). So far, all content on Google Video was free, but already everyone who uploaded their own videos could set a price.

The list of video providers is supposed to include:

According to Google, the iPod Video and the PSP will be supported as well for non-copy-protected content on Google Video. I suppose other content will be copy-protected?

So far, Google has mostly steered clear from the (paid) content game and rather focused on crawling public sources. Is this a change in philosophy?

Engagdet has live blog coverage of Larry Page’s keynote at the CES.

In related news, the just-released Google Pack includes a “Google Video Player” component, a 4+ MB download playing *.GVI and *.GVP files.


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