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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Minesweeper Cheat

This Win XP cheat can be used to impress your friends with. Close all applications, then open Minesweeper, type xyzzy, then hold down the Shift key for a second. Now when you move your mouse over the cells, you will see either a white or black pixel in the top left of your desktop... white means no mine, black means mine (you might adjust your wallpaper to see this). Works like a charm... [Via XP Secrets.]

You can also play Minesweeper online...

Blish Digital Marketplace

Blish is a marketplace where you can buy and sell all kinds of stuff... but it’s only digital stuff (like audio files, or videos). Interesting concept with a clean layout.

Google Personalized Homepage Mobile

Gary points out the Google Personalized Homepage is now also available for certain mobile phones. Just point your phone to “”. It crashed my mobile Opera and didn’t work on my Nokia default browser either, but you might want to give it a try with your phone...

Also see Google Modules, where you can add modules to your personalized Google homepage (at least the desktop version).


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