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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Perpetual Loading

Brian says the busses in his city and Google Reader have something in common.

Google Questions

Brinke raises many questions... maybe you have answers?

Google Mobile Content Proxy

I’m not sure if this mobile content proxy is new. You can enter any URL and see a stripped-down version, optionally without images. (Actually, images on/ off are browser settings on a mobile phone... and the doctype “XHTML Mobile” is not necessary to view XHTML on mobile user agents! Plain old [X]HTML Strict + CSS is made to also cover media other than the desktop screen, e.g. print output or mobile browser. That means you can view this XHTML blog on your cell phone, if your cell phone browser respects some of the HTML recommendations put forth by the W3C.) [Thanks Orli Yakuel, Miel.]

Goowy Widgets

Orli Yakuel sends in this screenshot of Goowy, a widgets-for-all-your-needs website in the spirit of Netvibes. From the site:

“goowy (re) is a rich experience site which helps you manage your digital lifestyle. We provide you with a fresh and powerful environment for managing your webmail, contacts, calendar, rss, widgets (search, bookmarks, photos, weather, stocks, quotes, scores, etc.), and fun flash games.”

More screenshots:

Amazon Reviews Search

Is this new? Steve Rubel points out you can now search Amazon customer reviews. The search has a nice auto-completion feature (Ajax, I suppose).


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