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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Baidu vs Google (Video) is a Chinese Google-like search engine, and their commercial shows a local (apparently) representing Baidu in a fight against a foreigner (apparently) representing Google. Or at least, that’s what I make of this – maybe someone who speaks Chinese can clarify. [Thanks Miel.]

Code Snippets

Peter Cooper’s Code Snippets is a Ruby on Rails-based code repository with an emphasis on tagging. The syntax highlighting doesn’t yet work with XML snippets, but otherwise the site is very nice.

Cibernaut, Browser + Search

Cibernaut is a web browser claiming to be extra safe, and to have extra search engine support. Chris, who sent this, says, “From what I’ve tried I can’t tell if it’s safe but it sure is impressive (at least compared to IE or Firefox).”

Random Error

Can’t get enough of error messages? Try [Thanks Miel.]

Non-English Wikipedia’s Using Nofollow?

Tadeusz Szewczyk pointed out that seemingly, non-English Wikipedia’s use “nofollow” links for edited content (that means outgoing links won’t get any Googlejuice). I didn’t check all Wikipedia sites, but a comparison between the English one and the German one shows this indeed. Does anyone know why that’s the case, considering the main English Wikipedia doesn’t use “nofollow"?


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