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Monday, January 30, 2006

Firefox Bug with Keyboard Input?

This behavior started with the Firefox 1.5 release; about once an hour, somehow Firefox is broken and will not accept certain characters in form fields, like Shift or Ctrl (I assume, e.g. I cannot type ’ on my German keyboard anymore). When I press those, the search pane will open. Closing the active window and re-opening it mostly helps. In Internet Explorer, this never happens.

I’m curious, are there others out there with the same Firefox problem? It has become a bit of a hurdle for blogging, searching and Wiki editing (along with the can’t-search-textareas bug).

Display Ratio of Google’s Public Service Ads

Do you want to know how often Google displays Public Service Ads, instead of the kind of AdSense that earn money on click? Watching Paint Dry details his approach to track this. (Friday, it was at around 5% for him due to outages, but the other days, PSA’s were shown about 0.5% of the time.)

Google Current Gone?

TomHTML of the French Google blog Zorgloob discovered that there seem to be no more “Google Current” videos on Google. Google Current was a Google co-collaboration with the Current network to bring news of what people searched for (a sort of Google Zeitgeist show).

Well, there’s still this video on Google...

Fear of Girls (Video)

Funny stuff: Fear of Girls by Ryan Wood over at Google Video. Two fantasy geeks discuss the merits of, well, being fantasy geeks. (If you can’t access Google Video from your country, try the Google Video downloader.) [Thanks Miel.]

Analog Photoshopping

Even before computers, people were creating fake photos... like baby Adolf. (Some of these were hoaxes taken for real by newspapers, while others were just April Fool’s stories.) [Via Digg.]


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