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Friday, February 10, 2006

The First Week of Sketch Swap...

Some of the things people have been drawing over the week at Sketch Swap are simply amazing. Dominik and I were blasted away by the number of sketches submitted; over 100,000 just by yesterday! As we approve every single image before it can be swapped, less than 100,000 are live. Right now we’re focussing on approving some great sketches and we’re heading for the 10,000 sketches barrier. We’ve also put some auto-filtering in place so that if you just submit a line or circle, it will not be added to the site. All in all, the server now stores around 2 gigabytes of sketches, with numbers growing.

So what do people submit? Everything, really. There’s a huge amount of sketches from Brazil and Japan* (judging from country flags and characters), but from everywhere else in the world too. People draw faces, flowers, landscapes, still lifes, computers, houses, animals, cartoon characters, and people write notes (often in the heart-breaking, anonymous confession style of Post Secret). There are some truly funny cartoons being submitted, as well as some great artwork. A lot of sketches, as you might guess, are of “adult” nature (which we don’t approve to the live area), the most prevalent symbol used being the male genital...

*A lot of Japanese sketches are signed with “VIP” – if anyone knows what that is about, you’ve helped solve a mystery.


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