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Friday, February 10, 2006

Google Trogdor?

Straight from the rumor mill comes this prediction:

“Google has a project codenamed trogdor, an ajax webpage editor for creating web pages. = geocities except with a javascript page creator.”

Google Olympics Logo, Video Result

Google is showing a special winter games celebrations logo. Click on it, and you will be taken to a search for torino 2006... which features a “onebox” video result for the games in collaboration with NBC Olympics.

Gmail for Your Domain

Kudos to Garett Rogers for predicting this – from the official Google Blog:

“San José City College (SJCC) has embarked on a technology improvement program, and for the first time will be offering student email accounts. That’s where we come in. We’re testing a new service with the school by hosting Gmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like, plus admin tools for efficient account management.”

More at the Gmail for your Domain homepage.

[Thanks Nicholas Roussos.]

Rude Google Maps

OK, who put that there? [Thanks Miel.]

Google Homework Cartoon

Google is mentioned in FoxTrot. [Thanks Caleb E.]

Google-based Slut-o-Meter

The Slut-o-Meter lets you enter your name to see how, well, slutty you are. In fact what happens behind the scene is that they search for your name in Google once with SafeSearch activated, and once without. A little bit of math later, they know the ratio of “unsafe” pages your name appears on, and thus calculate a “Promiscuity" value (mine was 2.89%...). [Thanks to Jean Véronis, who calls this science “pornometry."]

Google Mail Now Gmail Again?

Fred Jeffry, an Indian working and residing in Germany, today noticed that the “Google Mail” logo we get here due to trademark claims is now back to just “Gmail.” Could it be Google just messed it up when they introduced the “talk” part to the logo?

Update: And it’s back to “Google Mail.” So this was just a hiccup...


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