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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Google Photos

Time has a photo essay on “Life in the Googleplex.[Via Digg.]

Group Talks

If you have Google Desktop 3 and Google Talk installed, you can now conference-chat with several users using Reto Meier’s Google Talk Sidebar.

Why Do Google Eat Food They Don’t Like?

Reuters quotes China Business Times, who complains that is telling its users when results are censored:

“Does a business operating in China need to constantly tell customers that it’s abiding by the laws of the land?” it said, adding that Google had “incited” a debate about censorship.

The paper likened Google to “an uninvited guest” telling a dinner host “the dishes don’t suit his taste, but he’s willing to eat them as a show of respect to the host”.

How ironic that Google is now attacked from two sides – those who think they do too little to oppose censorship, and those who think they do too much. (By the way, I don’t think oppressing freedom of speech is a Chinese law, as the China Business Times, and Google in their result pages, suggest.)

[Thanks Ken Kuhl, Alek.]

Question Swap

The brand new and very cool Question Swap by Adam was inspired by Sketch Swap (which was inspired by File Swap).

The Adventures of Googleman

Lerrey Lin is... Googleman.


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